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Self-Managed Super Fund

What is a SMSF?

A self-managed super fund (SMSF) is a private, self-managed super fund that you administer. Industry and retail super funds are not the same as SMSFs.

You deposit the money you would ordinarily invest in a retail or industrial super fund into your SMSF when you manage your super. You make the investment and insurance decisions.

There can be no more than six participants in your SMSF. The majority of SMSFs have two or more. You are an SMSF trustee of the fund as a member, or you can hire a corporate trustee. In either scenario, the fund is your responsibility.

What is an SMSF Home Loan?

A Self-Managed Super Fund, or SMSF is a private superannuation fund that allows you to manage your own superannuation investments for your retirement. Not everyone can set up their own superannuation, so understanding the basics is crucial before getting started, and for this we always recommend speaking to your accountant or financial advisor.

An SMSF loan is a home loan used by an SMSF to purchase an investment property. The returns on the investment, which can either be your capital gains or rental payments, are funnelled back into the superannuation fund for your retirement.

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Features of an SMSF Home Loan

Unlike other Home Loans, SMSF home loans follow strict rules when it comes to borrowing money for property and it is difficult to find lenders and banks that offer such services. Apart from that, you may find there to additional fees and charges on your loan amount. SMSF property loans for poorly managed SMSF funds have a harder time getting their loan approved for their SMSF.

SMSF home loans or limited recourse borrowing arrangements can be taken for residential or commercial properties, but the condition of the loan or amount may vary. You can borrow money to purchase a single asset which is later held in a different asset.

As SMSF trustees who have taken an SMSF loan, you have to also know that on SMSF home loans there are additional tax implications based on any earnings you make from the property. The tax implication can either be from the rent that you receive from the property or the sale of the property. Due to the range and extensive information that SMSF members need to be informed about, they must seek independent professional advice for an investment strategy before they seek an SMSF home loan.

SMSF Home Loans are similar to regular home loans, in that, they have a variable or fixed interest rate, and can have offset accounts to make the payments, or choose to make interest-only payments for some time. Other than that, SMSF home loans can extend up to 30 years, which regular repayments on interest and principle, and similar strategies are used to reduce the number of repayments.


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